Safety disclaimers

Repressive governments around the world have been making efforts to block or ban VPNs. Connecting to VPNs or downloading software such as Tor is met with sanctions from that goverment. That is why if you are located in following countries - Belarus, China, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Russia, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirate or Venezuela as shown on map bellow it is not advised to carry out any further shown actions. A solution is to acquire a copy of Tor on physical carrier such as DVD or USB and seek further proffesional guidance.

Second disclaimer is that both commonly used operation systems - Windows and Mac OS have build in privacy flaws such as unintentional cloud storing or recording text which you write on your computer. This could give away your activity on Tor even when using it correctly.

Solution to this is Tails OS. Tails, or The Amnesic Incognito Live System, is a security-focused Linux based operation system aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity. All its incoming and outgoing connections are forced to go through Tor, and any non-anonymous connections are blocked. The system is designed to be booted as a live DVD or live USB, and will leave no digital footprint on the machine unless explicitly told to do so. You can find more bout Tails here.


Made by Vojtěch Kolář as a seminar projekt at Prague University of Economics and Bussines for seminar Bitcoin and Blockchain
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