Tips for using Tor

After all Tor is just a tool and even the best tool when used badly is useless and can even hurt you. List bellow shows some activities which to do and which don't to maximize the great tool which Tor definetely is and avoid loosing your privacy.

Dont use personal accounts

You should not use your reallife accounts on websites while using Tor. Tor is used to protect online privacy and hide real identity. How can you hide your real identity if you're giving out your identity on the websites? It's like going to a mask party but wearing your name tag on your costume. 

Dont change Tor settings

No add-ons, no plugins, no customization, fullscreen. Using these doesn't give out your identity, but it makes you stand out. Its like puting giant stick on your mask.

Update your system

Tor client is simply a software which runs on top of your operating system. That means Tor is only as safe and secure as the system running the Tor client. You must regularly, or preferably daily, update Tor client, Tor-secured applications  and the operating system of your computer.

Educate yourself

Be concious about how your security can be breached. For example all electronics give out specific sounds that can be picked up and be idetified.

Now you are armored with Tor and knowledge to browse the web safely


Good luck!

Made by Vojtěch Kolář as a seminar projekt at Prague University of Economics and Bussines for seminar Bitcoin and Blockchain
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